RO Plant for Community

Drinking water for community is the very common utility of Reverse Osmosis Plant for Industry as most of areas of urban and rural have municipal water supply full of contamination, People do not have access to pure and clean drinking water and it is the main cause of growing diseases in our country. Now Government has realizes the fact and started installing Filtration Plant in different locations for general public. Most of the housing societies have their own Filtration Plants for their residents. Reverse Osmosis Plant provides purified water supply to the community at very nominal running cost.

Benefits of Community RO Plant

  • Provide Purest Form of Drinking Water equivalent to Multinational bottled water.
  • Energizes healthy life
  • Protect from water born diseases
  • Cost effective solution

Reverse Osmosis Plants for Poultry

Purified drinking water in poultry farm is mandatory to avoid morbidity and mortality rate in birds. To meet the requirement of purified water for the birds is a challenge and RO Plant is a must to ensure the water quality standards in the poultry farm because quality of drinking water in poultry farm is directly proportional to the healthy growth of the birds which is ultimately related to the profit of the farm. WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) offers the best quality RO Plant to meet all the requirements of healthy growth of birds free from diseases and mortality.

Benefits of Poultry RO Plant

  • Reduce the risk of prevailing disease in birds.
  • Significantly reduce the death rate of birds.
  • Contributes in the profits of the poultry farm owner by providing purified healthy water which is must for growth of the bird.
  • Cost effective solution

Reverse Osmosis Plants for Ice Factory

Reverse Osmosis Plant is a mandatory component in ice factory. As the RO water produce crystal ice, this is long lasting and strong ice as compare to tap water ice. The price of crystal ice is higher than the normal ice in the market. So the RO Plant increases the quality of your ice and makes it more profitable for you.

Secondly strict rules are being followed by Food Authorities of all the provinces of Pakistan so RO Plant for Ice Factory is now their requirement.

The RO Plants of WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) are specially designed for ice factory by keeping in view their needs and requirement. Our RO Plants are well accepted and approved by Food Authorities of all the provinces of Pakistan.

Benefits of Ice Factory RO Plant

  • Produce crystal ice, which is strong and long lasting (melt late) as compare to tap water.
  • Reduce the cost of energy; freezing time of RO water ice is less than tap water ice.
  • Increases the profits as market price of RO water ice is higher than tap water ice.
  • Approved and recommend by Food Authority

Reverse Osmosis Plants for Bottled Water Production

It’s an established fact that municipal water supply is not drinkable as it is full of contaminations. This common problem of the society creates a need of bottled water. A huge potential is underlying in this industry. A number of national and multinational companies are doing this business. There are huge number of local brands who have installed their Reverse Osmosis Mineral Water Plant and doing the bottled water business successfully.

WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) is manufacturing the best Reverse Osmosis Mineral Water Plants. We are not only providing technical assistance but also provide free of cost consultation and help to our customers for their startups of Reverse Osmosis Mineral Water / Bottled Water Business including feasibility of complete project, empty bottle arrangement, designing and registration of trade mark and etc. We have a number of successful startups of Mineral Water Business in our profile.

Specialized Reverse Osmosis Plants

WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) is specialized in designing and manufacturing smart and efficient Reverse Osmosis Plant for tap, brackish and sea water treatment. Our Reverse Osmosis Plants are equipment with state of the art Reverse Osmosis water purification technology with exceptionally high performance rate and very nominal running cost of Reverse Osmosis Plant.

We offer a full line of pre-engineered and customized Reverse Osmosis Plant for commercial & industrial use, ranging from 250 to 50,000 LPH (Liters per hour). These Reverse Osmosis Systems produce high-quality water at a very low cost, all of which are engineered using the most advanced technology of Reverse Osmosis for accurate and customized solutions.

Reverse Osmosis Plant is being used to purify water at large scale since decades. Reverse Osmosis has been used in factories where pure water is being used as an ingredient / solvent in industrial & commercial processes like food processing, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Paints, Textile, chemicals or other utilities, for drinking purpose in schools, colleges, universities, factories, offices, restaurants and resorts and many more, Reverse Osmosis is need of almost every industry.

Industrial RO Plants

Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) system has been designed to remove salts and contaminants up to 99.9%. Source feed water including groundwater, brackish water, seawater and municipal water. The system blocks sediments, bacteria, particles, sugars, proteins, dyes, and impurities that encompass a molecular weight of more than 150-250 Dalton.

WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) offers an extensive range of customized and pre-engineered industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems ranging from 250 LPH to 100,000 LPH depending upon the application and usage of water in industry. Our efficient, high performance and cost and energy effective systems are especially designed to cater the requirements of industrial needs and applications of water, which produce high-quality water at very affordable price.

RO for Boiler’s Feed Water

RO Plant manufacturer in Pakistan

scale back the dissolved solids that cause scaling. Removing these contaminates improves the boilers potency and will increase its ability to figure at full capability.

Why RO System is critical for Boiler Feed Water Pretreatment?

Having a Reverse Osmosis System as boiler feed water pretreatment can scale back fuel prices through lower heat loss and magnified boiler cycles. Reducing the entire dissolved solids (TDS) within the RO product water will increase the boiler’s cycles of concentration. The boiler will have a cleaner heat transfer surface and is a lot of economical.

RO water improves operation and steam purity. Steam quality is improved as a result of providing higher quality feed water to the boiler. Any management valves, pumps, or compressors that have direct steam contact square measure less at risk of failure.

Management return-line corrosion is one amongst the most reasons for boiler down time. Maintaining the right hydrogen ion concentration and pH scale levels through RO water can facilitate management corrosion.

What will a boiler feed water treatment system usually remove?

Installing a water treatment system before a boiler feed system can take away dissolved and suspended solids likewise as organic material that will enhance the feed water quality.

Calcium and magnesium: Causes scaling of the boiler feed water.

  • Silica: Familiar to cause laborious scaling. Silicon oxide must be reduced to low levels to avoid any operative problems.
  • Iron and manganese: Will injury downstream instrumentation and have an effect on the standard of the water.
  • Copper: Decreases the potency of boiler feed instrumentation once deposited in hard-hitting turbines.
  • Magnesium: Has the power to stay to the within of the boiler, additionally inflicting scaling.
  • Hardness: Causes scaling on boiler piping.
  • Aluminum: Will react with silicon oxide to extend scaling.
  • Dissolved Gases: Will cause severe corrosion to the boiler thanks to gas and dioxide presence.

RO for Food & Beverages

Food and Beverage industry uses a lot of water for the washing and cleaning of their stuff as well as water is their largest raw material ingredient so purified water is the basic need of any Food & Beverage Production Industry. Reverse Osmosis System provides purified water to fulfill the needs and demands of the said industry.

WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) provides turnkey solution for all the water problems of the Food & Beverage Processing Industry.

RO Pharmaceutical Production

Pharmaceutical production like syrup, injectable and even tablets need purified water for their production, so RO System is one of the basic components of Pharmaceutical industry.

WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) design specialized RO Systems keeping in view the standards of pharmaceutical applied by Ministry of Health in Pakistan

RO Plant Components

Reverse Osmosis Plant is a skid mounted system consists of the follow parts.
Reverse Osmosis Feed Pump:
It’s a Stainless steel imported feed pump, takes the water from raw water tank and compel it into the Reverse Osmosis.
Sand Filter:
Consists of a FRP vessel with multimedia layers of gravel, quartz & silica sand, removes physical particles like dust, rust, slit, floats and other impurities up to 20 microns particle size.
Activated Carbon Filter:
Consists of a FRP vessel with granular activated carbon media which removes organic impurities like chlorine, chlorides, pesticides, peculiar smell, color or any other chemical present in the water.
Cartridge Assembly:
Cartridge assembly includes 5 and 1 micron filters to removes the further particles up to 5 and 1 micron size particles for further purification. It contains polypropylene fiber (PPF) and polypropylene yarn (PPY) cartridges to blocks sediments present in the water.
Dosing Pump for Biocide:
An online dosing pump dose a specific amount of antibacterial chemical to remove the microbiological impurities like viruses and bacteria from water like Pseudomonas, Influenza, E.Coli, Coliforms and etc from water and make it sure that water is free from all types of bacteria.
Dosing Pump for Anti-Scale:
An online dosing pump dose a specific amount of anti-scale chemical to prevent RO membrane from scaling. It increases the life of RO membrane and reduces the maintenance cost.
Reverse Osmosis High Pressure Pump:
The purpose of high pressure pump made of stainless steel (imported) in a Reverse Osmosis Plant is to build pressure and inject the pretreated water in to the Reverse Osmosis membrane as the Reverse Osmosis is a pressure driven process, 150 to 200 psi pressure exerted though high pressure pump on the water to pass it through Reverse Osmosis membrane.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane:
Reverse Osmosis is a technique that has been used for water purification since decades, Reverse Osmosis a varied array of solicitation, particularly when salt, ionic compositions & dissolved solids are needed to be removed from water. Reverse Osmosis can be used to treat brackish water, tap water and sea water; the output water can be used for food, industries, boilers, agriculture, bottled water manufacturing and a lot more applications are there where Reverse Osmosis water can be used. Moreover, Reverse Osmosis membrane can also be used for the treatment of waste water and water recycling. Water treatment by using Reverse Osmosis technology is considered to be the most economical and effective process for water desalination. Reverse Osmosis is a suitable method to treat water with salt concentrations from 100 to over 50,000 mg/ liter (ppm).
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing:
Reverse Osmosis membrane is enclosed in ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) approved housing, having two types of connection, one inlet and two outlet points, one inlet point is to inject raw water into membrane and in other two outlet points one is for permeate (purified water) and other for drain (waste water). The Reverse Osmosis membrane housing is specially designed to bear high pressure ranging from 150 psi to 1000 psi.
Reverse Osmosis High Pressure Concentrate Valve:
High pressure concentrate valves are commonly used as system pressure control valves in Reverse Osmosis Plant. Globe valves use a movable disk plug to gradually open or close the water stream, allowing for precise regulation of flow. It is made of stainless steel, food grade material to control and keep a balance between Reverse Osmosis permeate (purified water) and the drain (waste water).
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing:
Reverse Osmosis membrane is enclosed in ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) approved housing, having two types of connection, one inlet and two outlet points, one inlet point is to inject raw water into membrane and in other two outlet points one is for permeate (purified water) and other for drain (waste water). The Reverse Osmosis membrane housing is specially designed to bear high pressure ranging from 150 psi to 1000 psi.
Online TDS Meter:
Before understanding the TDS meter in Reverse Osmosis System we should know what is TDS? Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is the sum of total charged ions present in the water including salts, minerals and metals. The measuring unit of TDS is milligram per Liter (mg / L) or parts per million (ppm). The TDS meter is a digital device that measures the TDS levels of water in Reverse Osmosis System. Online TDS meter has been installed “on-line” at Reverse Osmosis control panel which measures the TDS of the water passing through the line that is why it is called “Online TDS Meter”. The TDS meter has ability to check the TDS from 0 to 10,000 ppm.
Online Flow Meters:
Two flow meter has been installed on a Reverse Osmosis System, one is to measure the permeate flow of Reverse Osmosis, permeate is the output purified water of Reverse Osmosis System and second one is to measure the flow rate of waste water, the water which has been rejected from the Reverse Osmosis membrane. The measuring unit of this flow meter is GPM (Gallons per Minute) and/or LPH (Liters per Hour)
Electric Control Panel:
The Reverse Osmosis Control Panel is to control the entire system’s working, Reverse Osmosis containing electrical components such as magnet connector, overload breaker, power relay, timer, LED, digital meters, on/off switch.
Monitoring Panel:
The Reverse Osmosis Monitoring Panel is to monitor the performance parameters of Reverse Osmosis System like flow rates, permeate TDS, line pressure of feed and product water. Monitoring Panel indicates live results of Reverse Osmosis System performance.

RO Plant FAQs

What is a RO Plant?
A RO Plant is a water purification system, which not only removes the physical, chemical & biological impurities from water but also reduces the hardness of water by removing heavy metals from water.
What RO Plant do?
RO Plant purifies the water, it removes physical, chemical & biological impurities from water and moreover it also removes heavy metals like arsenic, chromium, fluoride & iron from water and makes it drinking. The RO water quality is equivalent to any branded bottled water.
Does reverse osmosis filter need electricity?
Yes, it needs electricity to run booster pump. It consumes approximate 35 watts so can be run on UPS / Solar.
How effective is RO (reverse osmosis) technology?
It is currently the most effective water filtration method available. This technology is being used worldwide to produce bottled water.
Will it affect the mineral content of my water?
A reverse osmosis system cannot distinguish between good minerals and bad impurities, so it will affect the mineral content of your water. It will remove around 90-99% of impurities though. An alkaline or calcite filter can be used to add the minerals back at the end of the process.
Will it affect the pH of my drinking water?
By removing some minerals then yes it will make the water slightly more acidic. An alkaline filter can be included with most RO systems that will improve the pH of the filtered water and return it to more natural, alkaline pH levels.
Will a water softener affect the RO filter?
No, a water softener will actually extend the life of the membrane. By softening the water it helps to protect the RO unit.

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