Is Boiled Water Safe to Drinking? Boiled Water VS Filtered Water

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When water is boiled, boiling kills the bacteria present in the water, but unfortunately most of the people are also not aware of these facts that boiling the tap water is not enough to remove all the contaminants from the water which can be found in public/municipal water supplies. Boiling the tap water for example, may only remove the bacteria present the water but what about the other contaminants like physical impurities like particles of sand, dust, rust, chemical impurities like chlorine, bad taste, odder and heavy metals like arsenic, led, mercury and cadmium which are very common problems present in the water supply now a day.

When you boil water, the dissolved solids (TDS) stay behind while the water escapes as steam. This means the concentration of metals in boiled water will be higher than the original water chemistry. Less water, same TDS = less pure water.

Boiling the water cannot deal with these impurities and water problems mentioned earlier.

So the answer of the question “is the boiled water safe to drink?” is NO.

So if the boiled water is not safe to drink so which water can be used if if you want to drink the purest water possible? After a lot of advancements came into existence, we are able to get pure water through Aqua Life’s RO purifiers powered by WATER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (WET) and it has now become the most preferred and safest choice of water filtration system.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Filtering tap water with RO system (a latest technology of water purification) is recommended where the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level more than 500 PPM. RO System removes not only physical, chemical & microbiological (virus, bacteria) contaminants but also removes heavy metals like arsenic, led, mercury and cadmium from tap water, It reduces the TDS (total dissolved solids) up the required standards, It’s much more economical way, to produce fresh & clean drinking water free from all types of impurities and bacteria in just a few minutes. You do not need to boil the water once you treat it with RO System.

Water Filtration System

Three Stage Filtration System is recommended where the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of source water is less than 500 PPM. In this system:

  • 1st stage cartridge is sediment filter which removes physical particles and suspended solids from water like dust, rust, sand or any other particles present in the water.
  • 2nd stage is activated carbon filter which removes chemical impurities like chlorine, bad taste, smell, pesticides, and/or any other chemical present in the water.
  • 3rd stage is Ultraviolet sterilizer in which water passes through UV chamber and ultraviolet rays disinfect the bacteria from water.

So once water passes through the “Three Stage Filtration System” it becomes Pure and free from impurities. It does not require boiling it anymore.

For better understanding, a table of DOES and DON’Ts is given below. It will clear the understanding and difference between boiled and filtered water.

Boiled Water VS Filtered Water

Common Water ProblemsBoiled Water3-Stage Filtration SystemRO System

Sediments like sand, dust, rust and other suspended particles removal
Chemical impurities removal like pesticides, chlorine, bad taste, smell and other chemicals removalNOYESYES
Bacteria and Germs Removal / KillYESYESYES
Heavy metals like arsenic, led, mercury, cadmium RemovalNONOYES
Conversion of water from hard water to soft waterNONOYES
Convenience & Comfort LevelDifficult to boil and cool everY time before uSeVery convenient, just open the tap and use it.Very convenient, just open the tap and use it.

Aqua Life’s RO water purifier is an advanced system, which removes physical, chemical and dissolved impurities such as salts and heavy metals from water to make it safe for drinking. Boiling water only kills the microorganisms but doesn’t remove heavy metal from water making it unsafe for consumption. Aqua Life provides the best RO water purifiers for home and office use.

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