Domestic Filtration & RO System

Domestic Filtration & RO System​

Domestic & Semi Commercial RO Water Filters Home

Domestic & Semi Commercial RO System​
Domestic & Semi Commercial RO System​

Additionally, aqua Life by wet offers a wide range of Home Water Filters, providing the purest form of drinking water in Pakistan. We employ smart Domestic RO systems with a five-stage purification system to achieve optimal water treatment. Therefore, our Water Filters effectively eliminate solids, chemicals, bacteria, and metals, ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water.

Domestic RO systems purify drinking water by using Reverse Osmosis to eliminate contaminants. However, RO technology is now present in compact domestic Water Filter units, achieved by passing tap water through a semipermeable membrane with the assistance of a booster pump.

The 0.0003-micron membrane permits only water filters home to pass through, efficiently flushing impurities down the drain. Additionally, aqua Life by wet offers advanced and reliable Water Filters that deliver the highest level of purity to your doorstep.

The RO system features 7 stages, with 5 dedicated to purification:

  • 1st Stage: Pre Filtration (Polypropylene Fiber Cartridge) effectively removes dust, rust, and suspended particles.
  • 2nd Stage: Therefore, purification removes organic impurities such as odor, color, and chlorine.
  • 3rd Stage: Purification (Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge) eliminates organic impurities like odor, color, and chlorine.
  • 4th Stage: Pressure Booster Pump – With a pressure of 125 psi and voltage options of 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz.
  • 5th Stage: Additionally, the membrane eliminates impurities, ensuring pure oxygenated water.
  • 6th Stage: Post-activated salts effectively absorb the peculiar smell originating from the pressure tank, resulting in sweet-tasting outlet water.
  • 7th Stage: However, storage Tank to guarantee uninterrupted supply of pure drinking water.

Furthermore, the common uses of Domestic RO system are Home, Office, Shop, Schools, Colleges and Universities. It can also be attached with water cooler.Water Filters Home


  • Aqua Life RO, a 5-Stage Water Filters Home, eliminates up to 99% of contaminants, ensuring pure and safe drinking water. Furthermore, the system improves the quality of your tap water to match that of any branded bottled water.
  • Aqua Life 5-Stage Water Filter purifies water through 5 stages, delivering oxygen-rich and pure water, devoid of impurities.
  • Aqua Life 5-Stage Water Filter includes a built-in storage tank, providing a consistent supply of drinking water for homes or offices. Therefore, the system is totally automatic in its operations; auto shutoff when storage tank is full and auto turn on when tank is empty.
  • Aqua Life 5-Stage Water Filter can be connected to a water dispenser and refrigerator, eliminating the need for a water bottle to be attached to the dispenser. The system automatically supplies water to the dispenser, requiring only the installation of a dispenser pot.
  • The system uses very low amount of electricity i.e. 24 watt can easily use on UPS.
  • Aqua Life 5-Stage Water Filters Home saves money by eliminating the need for bottled water purchases.
  • Aqua Life 5-Stage The Water Filter includes necessary installation accessories and a product manual.Water Filters Home

Three Stage Water Filters Home System

Three Stage Filtration System​

Water Filter is the need of every home now-a-days. Hence, the Three Stage UV Filtration system is the best system to cater the needs of drinking water. The system consists of three stages; the function of each stage is described as:

Stage 1:

Aqua Life 3-Stage Water Filter utilizes a Poly Propylene Fiber In-depth Sediment filter cartridge in the first stage to remove dust, rust, silt, scale, and unseen suspended particles. Moreover, the filtration rating of 5 microns in this stage effectively captures most of the suspended particles, allowing only a minimum load of sediments to pass to the second stage.

Stage 2:

Consequently, the Aqua Life 3-Stage Water Filter incorporates a CTO cartridge with blocked carbon for the second stage. This cartridge effectively filters the water, eliminating up to 99% of organic impurities, such as chemicals, chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, as well as unpleasant taste and odor from drinking and cooking water.

Stage 3:

The Aqua Life 3-Stage Water Filter includes an Ultra Violet system for the third stage, delivering 30,000 MW sec. /cm2 energy to ensure 100% sterilization and effective control of microbial contamination. Therefore, this system achieves sterilization by scrambling the DNA structures of micro-organisms upon exposure to ultraviolet light, rendering them sterile. UV sterilization is achieved without the use of chlorine or harsh chemicals, without introducing foreign taste, odor, corrosive, irritating, or allergenic properties to the water. Moreover, it is considered the simplest and most practical method for destroying pathogenic bacteria in water.

The 3-Stage Water Filter is an ideal solution for purifying water on a smaller scale. It can be used in various settings such as homes, offices, educational institutes, mosques, hospitals, community centers, and other public places. However, the system is also compatible with electric water coolers for convenient installation.


  • The 3-Stage UV Filtration System is the best Water Filter, purifies the tap water up to the standards of drinking water at very economical price.
  • Additionally, removes Physical, Chemical and Biological impurities up to 99% and make the water safe for drinking.
  • Stainless Steel tap faucet for life long use.
  • Hence, easy to install and easy to maintain, very low running / maintenance cost.

RO Plant & Water Filters Home FAQs

The Domestic Reverse Osmosis system is designed specifically for purifying water at home. You can install it in the kitchen to provide pure drinking water for your family or office. This system delivers purified water that is equivalent in quality to any bottled water brand.

The Domestic Reverse Osmosis System purifies water, removing physical, chemical, and biological contaminants, including viruses and bacteria. It delivers water of the same quality standard as bottled water.

3-Stage Filtration System


The 3-Stage Filtration System effectively purifies water through three stages. It removes physical particles in the first stage, eliminates chemical impurities in the second stage, and employs a UV sterilizer in the third stage to disinfect the water by eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Yes, RO systems are easy to uninstall and then reinstall, again we provide this service for our customers.

Yes, RO system can easily connect with water dispenser or water cooler.