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Repair and Maintenance

Regular service and cartridge replacement is must to keep a Filtration System in its true spirit to produce uninterrupted supply of purified water.

Water Engineering Technologies offers complete backup to our customers regarding after sale services, repair, maintenance, filtration media replacement and all the other services related to water filtration plants and equipment.

We have a team of highly professional technicians, worked under the supervision of qualified engineers and chemists. Our maintenance department keeps all the history and record of services provided to you. On the due date and time our staff call you to take your consent for next service. You do not need to call us every time for a service. In case you feel any problem or need a service before the due time due to some reason, our representative is at a phone call’s distance from you.

Repair and Maintenance​

Professional Advice

expert advice

Water Problem! An issue everyone is facing now-a-days. A common man is unable to understand that what’s wrong with the tap water? Why it is not safe? And what is the solution of that problem?

The source of majority of the water we consume is underground water, which is being polluted due to increase in environmental pollution, rapid growth in population and industry. There are a lot more factor of water pollution mentioned in FAQs (Click here to read more about it).

To find out the solution of these water problems you must need a professional’s advice, who identifies the problem underlying in your water, evaluate your needs and suggest you the best solution accordingly to your requirement. We offer this service free of cost; we begin by recommending a FREE site evaluation (Metro only). We are always happy to send our friendly professional staff to your premises/site to give you a professional advice regarding the solution to your water problem before sending you a quote.

Our aim is to provide you the Best Water Filtration System that suits you and fulfill your need.

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