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Water Engineering Technologies (WET) provides the best above and in-ground swimming pool accessories and best water filter plant price in Pakistan, swimming pool supplies, and swimming pool equipment. Therefore, we offer great deals on swimming pool accessories, repair maintenance, and spare parts. Our team is always at your service.

We’ll reach a mutual decision on your desired swimming pool and accessories through clear stages.

swimming pool

Planning & Design

To begin this phase, we perform a site inspection to assess available space, grading requirements, elevation issues, and construction access. Once we evaluate the site for your new swimming pool and the best water filter plant price in Pakistan, you’ll meet with our Design Expert to initiate the design process for your pool and its accessories. During this meeting, we’ll discuss pool construction, shape, size, colors, interior, lighting, decking, water features, and potential spa inclusion.

Engineering Process

After designing your pool, we develop the engineering plans for construction. Therefore, we create detailed, scaled plans of your pool and the site where it will be located, capturing every aspect of the construction to meet all your needs. However, the final stage involves reviewing plot plans and obtaining construction permits.


Once the engineering plans are completed, we will visit your site and paint a full-scale outline of your pool on your plot. This step ensures that the pool layout fits the location and provides you with the first opportunity to see your new pool. Additionally, the outline also serves as a guide during the excavation process.


After completing the brick wall, we will begin laying all the pipes and hydraulic equipment in and around your pool. However, This step is crucial in construction, and our team will use suitable equipment for long-term pool enjoyment.


We’ll build the steel “skeleton” of your pool and pour the concrete for a strong and durable shell. Consequently, in this step you will actually start to see the actual shape and form of the pool start to show.

Piping Network

During this stage, our plumbing experts will fix the layout piping network from swimming pool accessories to the plant room. However, This network serves multiple filtration functions, including drain, inlets, vacuum points, skimmers, and pool lights.


The next step in the construction phase is to put a deck around your pool. We will design and build a deck which will be attractive and durable. There are several different types of decking material which we can use such as concrete, flagstone, brick, tile, and more.

Installation of Equipment in Plant Room

The final and awaited stage for installation of complete filtration and heating system in plant room.

Fill and Enjoy!

Now that the construction of your pool has been completed, just add water, a few chemicals followed with a few instructions, and you’re ready for some fun in the sun. Finally let our expert staff help you to maintain your pool to keep it in pristine operating condition. With our knowledge you will be able to enjoy your new pool for many years to come!

Pool Maintenance

We will train your people, how to operate the system, what precautions to be taken, and what remedies for different troubleshooting. We also have a service department and staff. We have a full complement of pool chemicals and our professional staff can close down your pool for the winter and/or spring.

Swimming Pool Filter

swimming pool filter

Water Pump

water pump or swimming pool pump

Pool Lights

swimming pool light
swimming pool light

Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories​



Pool Ladder

Pool Ladder​
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